Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Grazin' in the Grass: The Best of Hugh Masekela + The Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks

Two more South African albums: a best-of from the first Miriam Makeba vocal group, The Skylarks, and a collection from her countrymate, colleague and former husband, trumpeter Hugh Masekela, who scored his biggest hit in the 60s with a highlife/jazz fusion instrumental "Grazin' In The Grass". The first album has recent rerecordings of "Grazing in the grass" and some of his other hits, Still Grazing culls from the Uni and Blue Thumb labels (1966-1973) and includes the original versions.

The Best Of Miriam Makeba & The Skylarks
192 kbps, 60mb
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1 Uthando Luyaphela
2 Table Mountain
3 Miriam & Spokes' Phatha Phatha
4 Mtshakasi
5 Ndimbone Dluca
6 Ndamcenga
7 Makoti
8 Ndidliwe Zintabe
9 Inkomo Zodwa
10 Sindiza Ngecadillacs
11 Nomalungelo
12 Kutheni Sithandwa
13 Vula Amasango
14 Owakho
15 Baya Ndi Memeza
16 Yini Madoda
17 Ekoneni
18 Uyadela

Grazin' in the Grass: The Best of Hugh Masekela
192 kbps, 101 mb
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1. Grazing In The Grass
2. Vasco Da Gama :: The Sailor Man
3. Khauleza
4. Ziphi'nkomo
5. Mama
6. Chileshe
7. Market Place
8. Don't Go Lose It Baby
9. Strawberries
10. Thanayi
11. African Secret Society
12. Ha Le Se Le Li Khanna
13. Bring Him Back Home (Nelson Mandela)
14. Stimela (Coal Train)

Still Grazing: The Musical Journey of Hugh Masekela
95mb on depositfiles
1. Child Of The Earth
2. Ha Lese Le Di Khanna
3. A Felicidade
4. Up Up And Away
5. Bajabula Bonke (The Healing Song)
6. Grazing In The Grass
7. Gold
8. Mace And Grenades
9. Languta
10. Been Such A Long Time Gone
11. Stimela (Coal Train)


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