Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Retro-electronica from 1968

Fred Weinberg - The Weinberg Method Of Non-Synthetic Electronic Rock, 1968
REUP 2/13/2014: zippyshare
90mb, 320kbps

...an album simultaneously exploiting the possibilities of electronic-scientific music and producing the visceral excess of late-60’s psychedelia... worthy predecessors to Faust and the Yellow Magic Orchestra... the pre-Kraftwerk outfit The Organisation or Raymond Scott.

Liner notes:
The Weinberg Method of Non-Synthetic Electronic Rock (or the Electronic Rock Method of Non-Synthetic Weinberg) is a revolution in sound (or sound in revolution). To be more precise, the W.M.N.S.E.R., as it is affectionately known, is a way of taking the sounds of common musical instruments (twang), sounds of every day life (beep-beep), sounds of the human body (hic-cup) and altering them electronically to create a totally new concept of recording. In the hands of Mr. Weinberg, the human heart-beat becomes a bass drum, an ambulance siren becomes a slide trombone and the sound of a secretary filing her nails becomes a 24 piece string section. Undoubtedly, Fred Weinberg is the first man in history to orchestrate an alka-seltzer fizzing, a computer-card computing and a toilet flushing. When Mr. Weinberg leads his orchestra, the whole world is in the pit. One of his earliest experiments in sound was the time he recorded an ant walking on sand. Unfortunately, the experiment was cut-short by a myopic ice-cream vendor. Of course, this is not to say that Fred Weinberg was the first man ever to discover that the sounds of every day life can be more harmonious than the sounds of traditional music. For instance, George Bernhard Shaw once said, 'Nothing soothes me more, after a long and maddening day of pianoforte recitals, than to sit and have my teeth drilled.' (Shaw? Didn't he used to be the lead singer with the Del-Vikings?) To sum up, then, The Electronic Weinberg Rock of Non-Synthetic Method is simply an assortment of natural sounds that are slowed-down, speeded-up, turned upside-down and inside-out. Sound like sound never sounded before.

1. 1958 Revisited
2. A Childs Life
3. A Theme For Julie
4. Animosity
5. Big Fat Woman
6. Cowboy Gregg
7. Heavy Breathing
8. Money Talks
9. Keen Machine
10. Muck De Foog
11. Ode To Billy Joe
12. Sanctuary
13. Gumball
14. Supersonic
15. Aum Mau Mau
16. Ah,Ha!
17. El Condor Pasa
18. Speedo

From http://rangeraver-lounge.blogspot.com/:

Moog: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman, 1968
192 kbps, 63 mb
on 4shared
1. Topless Dancers Of Corfu
2. The Legend Of Johnny Pot
3. The Moog & Me
4. Tap Dance In The Memory Banks
5. Four Duets In Odd Meter
6. The Minotaur
7. Total Bells & Tony (Mottola)
8. Improvisation In Fourths
9. Evening Thoughts
10. Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
11. Kolumbo
12. Time Is Tight


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