Saturday, February 24, 2007

Korea: San Ul Lim - Best Of + Shin Joong Hyun & The Men

Two albums of Korean psychedelic rock - does it get more obscure than that? I've heard them on the third, and possibly the best, disc from the Love Peace and Poetry series, entitled "Asian Psychedelic Rock".

The first album is at À bientôt j'espère - a good blog with few, but very intriguing postings.
San Ul Lim started as an amateur college band, but gradually evolved into a flagship Korean psychedelic group. The best from that 60's sound - fuzz guitars, organ, melodic bass - fertilized by the Far Eastern melodic sense. A truly unusual and beautiful music.
San Ul Lim - Best Of (AKA Dragon Records compilation), 140mb on mediafire.
01 It was probably late summer
02 Narrow alleys
03 My soul lies on silk
04 A flower has bloomed
05 The day the white flower bloom
06 When I don't say anything
07 There is nobody there at night
08 Such a joy (Demo version)
09 You are already me
10 Jingle bells
11 An island without a name
12 Can't forget
13 Red ballooon
14 T.V. ending
15 There San Ul Lim
16 Afternoon (unreleased)

The second one is from Cities on Flame with Rock'n'roll, a most excellent blog with a variety of great and obscure sounds, whose owner, Dirk, is now battling with cancer.
Shin Joong Hyun is the Korean psychedelic guitar god, and this collection presents three of his lengthy mind-warping excursions.
Shin Joong Hyun & The Men
High VBR, on mediafire.
1. Beautiful Country
2. It's A Lie
3. A Woman In The Mist


  1. hey if you like sanulim music, try this new album by that was just released by one of their members, Kim Chang Hun.
    Its called "The Love" and has brand new songs !
    you can buy it here

  2. do you have shin jung hyun & golden grapes?


  3. Shin Joong Hyun & The Men

    link no good