Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Turkish psychedelia

The 60's spread their fuzzy day-glo tentacles in some surprizing corners of the globe. Turkey was one of those corners, where the touch of peace, love, and mind-altering substances sparked a rich and vibrant psychedelic scene. Imagine Harrison going after the turkish ethnic music instead of the indian ragas. Great pop songs, processed guitars (e.g. phasers and fuzzes going wild), Farifsa organs etc.etc., but still clearly growing from the anatolian folk tradition.
Love, Peace and Poetry is an ongoing series on Normal Records, documenting the 60's psychedelic music of the non-english-speaking lands, and this is Vol. 9, dedicated to the tukish scene.

Love, Peace & Poetry Vol.9: Turkish Psychedelic Music
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192 kbps, 77 mb
1. Selda - Bundan Sonra
2. Özdemir Erdogan ve Orkestrasi - Uzun Ince Bir Yoldam
3. Alpay - Kirpiklerin Ok Ok Eyle
4. Mazhar ve Fuat - Sür Efem Atini
5. Erkin Koray - Yagmur
6. Ersen - Kara Yazi
7. Edip Akbayram - Yakar Inceden Inceden
8. Hardal - Bir Yagmur Masali
9. Selda - Ince Ince Bir Kar Yagar
10. Erol Büyükburç - Hop Dedik
11. Cem Karaca - Tatli Dillim
12. Üç Hürel - Aglarsa Anam Aglar
13. Baris Manço - Kirpiklerin Ok Ok Eyle
14. Mogollar - Haliçte Günesin Batisi
15. Bülent Ortaçgil - Sen Varsin
16. Erkut Taçkin - Gitmek Düstü Bana

Also, a plug for the wonderful Sounds Of Champaign (Side 2), where I got Danses et Rythmes de la Turquie. It's an LP by Mogollar, who are well represented on the compilations of turkish 60's psychedelia (Hava Narghile, Altyn Microfon, 26 Turkish Delights and a few others). I have no info on this LP, but looks like it was recorded specifically for the french market. The band name is frenchified from Mogollar into Les Mogol. The "folk music" factor is turned up with more prominent traditional instrumentation (saz, duduk etc.), and the freak factor turned down somewhat. However, the result is no less engaging than their own mega-psychedelic records for the turks. Some of it reminds me of mugam-jazz of the great azerbaijani pianist Vaquif Mustafa-Zadeh or perhaps Coltrane's ethno-modal explorations.

Les Mogol / Mogollar - Danses et Rythmes de la Turquie
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256 kbps, ~70 mb
1. Toroslar
2. Lorke
3. Ilgaz
4. Madimak
5. Iklig
6. Cheminées de Fées
7. Sunset In Golden Horn
8. The Legend Of Mount Ararat
9. Hamsi
10. Wild Flower
11. Cahit’s Tune
12. To A Clear Mind
13. Kaleidoscopic Dream


  1. File for Love, Peace & Poetry Vol.9: Turkish Psychedelic Music does not exist!

  2. Thanks for this. Although I feel like this music is sometimes written off by Turks themselves as inferior to the Western bands who they were influenced by, listening a couple times through these posted songs I feel like it is clear that this was not the case. They possess a unique and beautiful voice both unique to Turkey, and the era in which they were produced.

  3. I suspect that perception depends on the context. The original LPs probably had some songs inspired by turkish trad music and some second-rate Deep Purple rip-offs. So, for turks who grew up with the turkish folk, the rock-n-roll stuff was more interesting, and as more of the originals started coming in, those songs lost value. OTOH, compilations like these are intended for us "westerners" and focus on the aspects of the music that the original audiences may not have appreciated [as much].
    So, just like the Nuggets compilation is supposed to have retrospectively created a garage-rock style, same way these compilations and reissues create value in the songs that may not originally been appreciated for that.

  4. Can you re-up -- both are gone. You wouldn't have them in a higher bit rate by any chance would you?
    Tesekkür ederim

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  6. Megaupload is a blocked site in Turkey....can you please upload Love, Peace.. on Rapidshare! Thanks!

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