Friday, May 25, 2007

Blind Boy Fuller - Truckin' My Blues Away

This CD was my first introduction to Blind Boy Fuller, to Piedmont blues, to pre-war blues in general. As it often happens with the first impressions, it was the strongest one. I've heard a lot of old blues since - the raw power of Charlie Patton, the effortless virtuosity of Blind Blake, the encyclopedic repertoire of Gary Davis - but Fuller remains my favorite. Pigmeat and the title track still make me jump, and Walking My Troubles Away still gives me chills, just like it did the first time I heard them almost fifteen years ago. I listened to it over and over, trying to figure out how many guitar players are there on this record. Now I know it's just one, the one and only Blind Boy Fuller.
Of course, an additional bonus is the cover by Robert Crumb.

Blind Boy Fuller - Truckin' My Blues Away
REUP 2/8/2014:4shared
192 kbps, 55 mb
1. Truckin' My Blues Away
2. Untrue Blues
3. Homesick And Lonesome Blues
4. You Never Can Tell
5. Mamie
6. Jivin' Woman Blues
7. Weeping Willow
8. Funny Feeling Blues
9. I Crave My Pigmeat
10. Corrine What Makes You Treat Me So?
11. Meat Shakin' Woman
12. Walking My Troubles Away
13. Painful Hearted Man
14. Sweet Honey Hole


  1. gracias por este disco...

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  3. Thanks so much! What a treasure.

  4. Vaya un gustazo de musik que teneis por aquí.A really interesting and frinedly place. Nuff respeto. oNo

  5. Sweet! Some essential blues for sure. Thanks for the re-up!