Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Two Neil Sedaka best-of's and then some

This is a double treat: you can enjoy pop music and boost your credibility by saying things like: "I can hear these vocal arrangements influenced rocksteady and early reggae of the Melodeans and the Wailers". The first one is a collection of his hits from the 50s and early 60s, which is my favorite stuff; the second one is a more complete career overview. The second link is stolen from somewhere online; I admit I did not listen to it yet and I suspect his later stuff might not be as good, so beware.

55mb, 192 kbps
1 Oh! Carol
2 Calender Girl
3 King of Clowns
4 Next Door to an Angel
5 One Way Ticket
6 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
7 Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen
8 Little Devil
9 I Go Ape
10 Stairway to Heaven
11 Diary
12 That's When the Music Takes Me
13 You Mean Everything to Me
14 Girl for Me
15 I Must Be Dreaming
16 Let's Go Steady Again

Neil Sedaka - Timeless (The very best of Neil Sedaka)
mediafire Pt.1 and Pt.2
or one file on megaupload
320 kbps, 163 mb
01.Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
02.Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
03.Calender Girl
04.Our Last Song Together
05.Oh Carol
06.I Go Ape
07.One Way Ticket (To The Blues)
08.Next Door To An Angel
09.Standing On The Inside
10.The Immigrant
11.Laughter In The Rain (Original Version)
12.The Hungry Years
13.That's When The Music Takes Me (Live)
14.Solitaire (Live)
15.Love Will Keep Us Together
16.Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Slow Version)
17.The Queen of 1964
18.Little Devil
19.The Other Side of Me
20.Stairway To Heaven
21.The Miracle Song
22.Laughter In The Rain (New Version - Duet With Dara Sedaka)

And if that's still not enough, there are several Sedaka albums at the oldies-research-center.blogspot.com