Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dope and Glory

'Dope and Glory' is a collection of '30s and '40s vocal jazz music with marijuana as the single defining theme. - AMG review
A wonderful collection on the german reissue label Trikont. I have a few of the "marijuana jazz" compilations, and this selection is by far the best, with all the meat and none of the fluff. It was posted at and then kindly reposted again at my request, for which SpaBlu gets my kudos and undying respect.

Various Artists - Dope and Glory
224 kbps, 237 mb total
Links to three archives on Rapidshare

Disc 1:
1. Sendin' the Vipers - Mezz Mezzrow
2. Vipers Drag - Fats Waller
3. When I Get Low I Get High - Ella Fitzgerald, Chick Webb & His Orchestra
4. I'm Gonna Get High - Tampa Red & The Chicago Five, Blind John Davis
5. Spinach Song (I Didn't Like It the First Time) - Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends
6. Do You Dig My Jive - Sam Price
7. Ol' Man River - Cootie Williams
8. Knockin' Myself Out - Yack Taylor
9. Reefer Man - Harlan Lattimore
10. The Man from Harlem - Cab Calloway
11. Here Comes the Man With the Jive - Stuff Smith & His Onyx Club Boys
12. If You're a Viper - Bob Howard
13. Texas Tea Party - Benny Goodman & His Orchestra
14. Light Up - Buster Rhythm Busters Balley
15. Jack, I'm Mellow - Trixie Smith
16. Sweet Marihuana Brown - Barney Bigard Sextet
17. Viper Mad - Sidney Bechet, Noble Sissle
18. Weed Smokers Dream - Harlem Hamfats
19. The 'G' Man for the 'T' Man - Johnson, Cee Pee & Band
20. All the Jive Is Gone - Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds of Joy
21. Stuff Is Here - Georgia Brown
22. Weed - Bea Foote
23. Knockin' Myself Out - Lillian "Lil" Green
24. If You're a Viper - Lorrain Walton
25. Save the Roach for Me - Buck Washington
Disc 2:
1. Killin' Jive - The Cats & the Fiddle
2. Mary Jane - Meltone Boys
3. Sweet Sue, Just You - Louis Armstrong
4. Hit That Jive, Jack! - King Cole Trio
5. All Teeed Up - Sam Price
6. Golden Leaf Strut - New Orleans Rhythm Kings
7. Reefer Head Woman - Jazz Gillum
8. Blue Reefer Blues - Richard M. Jones
9. I'se A-Muggin, Pt. 1 - Mezzrow, Mezz & His Swing Band
10. I'se A-Muggin, Pt. 2 - Mezzrow, Mezz & His Swing Band
11. Jive Man Blues - Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon
12. Knockin' Myself Out - Jean Brady, Big Bill Broonzy
13. Muggin' the Blues - Richard M. Jones
14. Mellow Stuff - Lil Johnson
15. Minor Goes a Muggin' - Tommy Dorsey
16. Reefer Man - Cab Calloway
17. Try Some of That - Oscars Chicago Swingers
18. Dopey Joe - Slim & Slam
19. The Stuff Is Here and It's Mellow - Cleo Brown
20. Don't Credit My Stuff - Cedar Creel Sheik
21. A Vipers Moan - Bryant, Willie & Orchestra
22. Chant of the Weed - Rodman, Don & Orchestra, Sidney DeParis
23. Smoking Reefers - Larry Adler
24. Muggles - Louis Armstrong
25. Willie the Weeper - Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon


  1. Hello and many thanks for sharing wonderful music, that means a lot to many sound-lovers. Regarding the Dope and Glory post I can't access it like the other ones, does it need a re-post? Thanks and best wishes, mr cookie

  2. Here are links to an archive on sharebee, split in three parts (you will need all three to unpack). First CD is at 256kbps, second one is at 192kbps.
    One:, 100mb
    Two:, 100mb
    Three:, 30mb

  3. Hey, thank you that was really great of you to re-up it..
    good action is good karma

  4. thanks much.... these are great.

  5. Excellent compilation. Thanks very much.

    Peter (another one)

  6. can I get a repost? Only got the first disc.. thanks in advance!

  7. Three sharebee links above all have live uploads. Check again.