Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Compilation of West African Funk

...two of them, in fact.
REUP: both albums on depositfiles

Booniay!! A Compilation of West African Funk
192 kbps, 73 mb
01 Brigth Engelberts And The B.E. Movement - Get Together
02 Gyedu Blay-Ambolley - Akoko Ba
03 Matata - Good Samaritan
04 William Onyeabor - Body And Soul
05 George Danquah - Hot And Jumpy
06 Gyedu Blay-Ambolley - Fa No Dem Ara
07 Brigth Engelberts And The B.E. Movement - Tolambo Funk
08 Atomic Bomb Zigoto - Menyeckse
09 Vis A Vis - Susan Sue
10 Gyedu Blay-Ambolley - This Hustling World

The Danque!! A Compilation of West African Funk
192 kbps, 69 mb
01 George Danquah - Just A Moment
02 Dancing The Kuri Kuri - Deity
03 Vis-A-Vis - Kankyema
04 Bright Engleberts - Civilization In The World
05 Guerilla - La Popo
06 Mustapha - I'm Coming
07 Smahila and the S.B.s - Natural Points


  1. Hey, I noticed not too many people leave comments here! That's too bad. I really love everything you post, and I just wanted to say thank you. I put up a link to your blog here:
    Take care!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Kate. I don't have much traffic, indeed, so it's good to know this stuff is interesting to someone.
    Never heard of MOG; I'll link back to you.

  3. hey dude wicked photo of your african buddy, love your blog.loved booniay!
    btw just to let you know tried twice to get the danque to work but no luck.
    many thanks, keep well
    horatio swaby.

  4. Hey Horatio,
    Thanks for your comment. I just checked The Danque link and it works for me. Try again, sometimes megaupload malfunctions, but if you retry after a while, it will work.

  5. these comps are right up my alley. cheers!

  6. hello that's a shame the link is dead!
    could you fix it you think?

  7. I have been to your blog to download some Mighty Sparrow and some West African Highlife music. Thank you so much. Keep the good work up!

  8. Thank you for this fabulous music. I originally came here after googling Love and found Love Story for which also much gratitude but my eye slid down the page and found these 2 West African Funk albums which I couldn't resist and after some listening I'm so glad I didn't - just my kind of music even though I haven't heard this kind of music before (although I have lots of other African music - just not this 70s funky stuff)

  9. You are doing wonderful work by sharing your delight and knowledge of music.
    Huge appreciation for your labor of love.
    Best wishes,
    Luther Blissett

  10. I found these through another source, but they are excellent, and worth a re-upload.
    Thanks for sharing the music and turning us on to new things...

  11. can you repost for me please? just discovered william onyeabor and got the itch... thanks a bunch!