Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Misfits - Static Age

The classic of horrorpunk. How can you not love lyrics like "Some kinda love / Some kinda hate / Maggots in the eye of love / Won't copulate"? If it wasn't for the troubles with record companies and personal tensions, they could have been as big as Sex Pistols... and if they knew how to play those instruments, they could have been even bigger!
The time passes, the band get older, but the audience stays the same - teenage skatepunks. Does that mean the Misfits are juvenile retards? Or does it mean their music is timeless? I am not sure...

The Misfits - Static Age

They are all over the blogosphere, so I'll leech the links:
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  1. there is a password tp open it?

  2. PW: www.mediaportal.ru

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  4. we need a password freak

    Does it mean the password given in the post itself and again in the comments does not work? Or does it mean some of the kind visitors have an attention span of a fruit fly and can't read the posting to the end?

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