Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Charlie Rich - The Complete Smash Sessions

An undeservingly obscure country/rockabilly artist, Charlie Rich had a long musical career. Charlie was a singer/songwriter/keyboardist with a piano style desribed as "one parts Errol Garner to two parts Professor Longhair and at least three parts church" *. He recorded for the Sun label in the 50s (yes, that Sun); Sam Phillips, the label owner, reportedly called Rich "the most talented artist who ever recorded in the Sun studio". He also wrote songs for other artists on Sun roster, including Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash. Despite his excellent songwriting, powerful voice, versatile instrumental skills, and high-profile fans (Bob Dylan named Rich as his favorite singer; Elton John, Mark Knopfler and Elvis Costello also admired him) Charlie Rich remained larely unknown by the general public.
In the seventies, he was finally able to break commercially by singing, well... commercial country dreck of the worst kind, and, unfortunately, that's how he is remembered by many. However, his best work may come from the 60's, when he was recording for the Smash label. This compilation presents his complete work for Smash. It is pop-rock with a country tinge; this may sound generic, but in fact, it's not - the songwriting is great, and his singing and piano are top-notch; it includes his biggest single to date, "Mohair Sam". I first heard of Rich through a Slim Harpo cover of "Mohair Sam", which is every bit as good, too.

Charlie Rich - The Complete Smash Sessions
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160kbps, 80mb
1. Dance Of Love
2. Man About Town [prev. unreleased]
3. Mohair Sam
4. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
5. Down And Out
6. I Can't Go On
7. The Best Years
8. A Field Of Yellow Daisies
9. Something Just Came Over me
10. When My Baby Comes Home
11. She's A Yum Yum
12. Double Dog Dare me
13. Just A Little Bit Of You
14. Santa Claus' Daughter
15. Just A Little Bit Of Time
16. Hawg Jaw
17. Moonshine Minnie
18. Have I Stayed Away Too Long
19. It Ain't Gonna Be That Way
20. That's My Way
21. Everything I Do Is Wrong
22. Party Girl
23. You Can Have Her
24. Lonely Weekends
25. Blowin' Town
26. Tears A Go-Go
27. No Home
28. So Long
29. Let The Party Roll On


  1. Thanks for the Charlie Rich!

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  2. My favorite work of my favorite artist. Thank you very much. Long live the silver fox!

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  4. File is fine and thanks for the Hard to Find Charlie!!

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  6. Excellent post! Would love to see "The Fabulous Charlie Rich" posted if you have it!

  7. No, I don't have The Fabulous CR. I got his Sun recordings, if you are interested.

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