Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jorge Veiga - Raizes Do Samba

I am gradually making my way through Os Grandes Sambas compilation, and find that, even without knowing who is playing, I tend to pick out the same people.

Example 1: Jacob do Bandolim was one of the great players I noticed from the choro compilations. Then, on Os Grandes Sambas I heard a song (Barracao) with a mandolin solo of breathtaking beauty, and sure enough, it was Jacob do Bandolim playing. I won't post any of his stuff, but instead forward you to the excellent Loronix blog that has many of his albums; I specifically recommend his recordings with Eliseth Cardoso and his solo records (one, two).

Example 2: I really liked the songs Acertei no milhar, Que Bate-Fundo e´ Esse, and Cafe Socaite, and then realized they are all sung by the same person - Jorge Veiga. I don't know who he is, I just know that his music pushes my buttons.
This album is from a retrospective series on samba titled Raizes do Samba (Roots of samba). There are comps wth the same title, but from different artists, kinda like "The So-and-so's finest hour" series on Verve.

Jorge Veiga - Raizes Do Samba
320kbps, two separate archives of ~64mb on sharebee: one, two.
1. Faustina (encrencas de família)
2. Acertei No Milhar
3. Café soçaite
4. Conversa De Botequim
5. Rosa
6. Fenómeno
7. Que Culpa Tenho Eu
8. Estatutos Da Gafieira
9. Coração em leilão
10. Última Barbada
11. Rei Do Samba
12. Izabel
13. Paletó vermelho
14. Baile Da Piedade
15. Mulher Malandra
16. Boate trá lá lá
17. Labariri (tudo lembra você)
18. Quando o divórcio chegar
19. Quem Sou Eu?
20. Em boi morto até eu bato


  1. my friend, o link two is broken!
    Please take a look

    sorry my english!!!! Falo Português

  2. Thank you, these songs are rare, my Grandfather, will be very happy with these songs that he does not listen to many years.

  3. this loronix blog looks amazing and right up my alley, unfortunately i can't find any download links there. are they all removed or am i missing something ?

  4. The word is, he passed away
    The links used to be inside a widget at the bottom of the page, but it's not working anymore.

  5. Jacob do Bandolim - Vibrações on mediafire or rapidshare

    Elizeth Cardoso with Jacob do Bandolim are available here