Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Red Snapper - Prince Blimey

A fantastic tripped-out instrumental album. If Elvin Jones, David Gilmour, and Flea were locked up in a padded room with ten sheets of acid and a sequencer, they may have come up with Prince Blimey. Ten years ago I listened to this album obsessively and thought this is what all music will sound like in the future. Now that we got to the future, I know that I was wrong - but I still think that all future music should sound like this.

Red Snapper - Prince Blimey, 1996
High VBR, 94mb on sharebee REUP 2/5/2014: depositfiles

1. Crusoe Takes A Trip
2. 3 Strikes And You're Out
3. Thomas The Fib
4. Get Some Sleep Tiger
5. Fatboy's Dust
6. Moonbuggy
7. The Paranoid
8. Space Sickness
9. The Last One
10. Digging Doctor What What
11. Gridlock
12. Lo-beam


  1. cheers, ears!

    lovin' this one...


  2. 100% D'accord, my friend!
    This is awesome stuff......!!
    Thanks sooo much!

    Blimey Jr.

  3. Fiquei adicto tbém no disco!

    Me lembrou "Music Is Rotted One Note" - Squarepusher.

    Parabéns pela seleção musical.

    from brazil do you now the composer Moacir Santos DVD "Ouro Negro" (black gold)?

    and also Tira Poeira cd's of "modern" chorinho from rio?

    Tanks for your musical selection!

  4. Many thanks for good colletction

  5. thanking you a lot!