Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Slim Harpo - Hip Shakin' ~ The Excello Collection

Slim Harpo is probably the best known musician from the Louisiana "swamp blues" scene: lazy, drawling, mushmouth vocals, simple, funky harmonica and guitar riffs surfing on the tidal waves of reverb and tremolo. Along with Mose Allison, Slim is an artist whose fans are a lot more famous than him. He was really popular with the british bluesmen in the 60s: the Rolling Stones covered his songs - I'm a King Bee, Shake Your Hips; the title of their album Got Live If You Want It is a pun on the name of another Slim song. The Kinks, the Pretty Things, Them, the Yardbirds also covered his songs, and ZZ Top borrowed the Shake Your Hips riff for La Grange. Also see a collection of "I'm a King Bee" covers, including Pink Floyd, the Bad Seeds, and the Doors.
Why the Chicago bluesmen rose to fame and mythical status, and the swamp blues is known to the handful of fans is one of the mysteries of music business; if you are after authenticity and "roots", you'll find them here galore.

Slim Harpo - Hip Shakin' ~ The Excello Collection
VBR, two separate archives on sharebee: one, 95mb; and two, 73mb.

Disc 1:
1. I'm a King Bee
2. I Got Love If You Want It
3. Wonderin' and Worryin'
4. Strange Love
5. You'll be Sorry One Day
6. One More Day
7. Bobby Sox Baby
8. Buzz Me, Babe
9. Late Last Night
10. Yeah, Yeah, Baby
11. Don't Start Crying Now
12. Blues Hangover
13. Please Don't Turn Me Down
14. Moody Blues
15. Snoopin' Around
16. Rainin' in My Heart
17. Lovers Confession
18. Buzzin'
19. I Love the Life I'm Living
20. Little Queen Bee (Got a Brand New King)
21. I Need Money
22. Still Rainin' in My Heart
23. We're Two of a Kind
24. What's Goin' on, Baby?

Disc 2:
1. Baby, Scratch My Back
2. I'm Gonna Miss You Like the Devil
3. Wondering Blues
4. Rock Me, Baby
5. Shake Your Hips
6. Tip On In, part 1
7. Tip On In, part 2
8. I'm Gonna Keep What I've Got
9. I've Got to be with You Tonight
10. Te Ni Nee Ni Nu
11. Mailbox Blues
12. Mohair Sam
13. I Just Can't Leave You
14. Just for You
15. Jody Man
16. I've Been a Good Thing for You
17. Hey, Little Lee
18. My Baby, She's Got It
19. I'm So Sorry
20. Live Medley [Moody Blues~I Got Love If You Want It~You Know I Love You]


  1. Excellent, and thank you. You have wonderful taste in music.

  2. Slim is Great..!! Thank you friend

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    Great blog. Thank you. The Charlie Rich 'Smash Sessions' RAR appears to be corrupted from MEGAUpload. All the others I have tried are great.