Saturday, February 16, 2008

Prog Is Not A Four Letter Word

This album was found at the great Astronation.
A good collection of prog from around the world; a few of the artists already made an appearance on this blog, namely the koreans San Ul Lim and the turks 3 Urel (AKA 3 Hur-El) and Baris Manco. I also heard Czerwone Gitary (Red Guitars - or is it Golden Guitars?), I think they are Czech. The other bands are new to me.

Prog Is Not A Four Letter Word
192kbps, 77mb on megaupload
1. Picchio Dal Pozzo - Merta
2. Visitors - Visitors
3. Illes - Nem Erdekel Amit Mondsz
4. San Ui Lim - Frustration
5. Egg - Fugue In D Minor
6. Baris Manco - Lambaya Puf De
7. Breakout - Powiedzielismy Juz Wszystko
8. Bran - Breuddwyd
9. Phillipe Besombes - Hache 06
10. Embryo - The Music Of Today
11. Czerwone Gitary - Coda
12. Jean Claude Vannier - Le Roi Des Mouches
13. Drugi Nacin - Zuti List
14. 3 Urel - Omur Biter Yol Bimez
15. Martin Kratochvil & Jazz Q - Toledo


  1. Wow, great album, nice to find here 2 Polish bands.

    Czerwone Gitary was one of the graetest Polish pop bands of the 60s and 70s. The "Coda" comes from "Rythm of the Earth" issued in 1974.
    For more hits -

    Another Polish band on the album is Breakout.

  2. Thanks for the correction, and for the link :)

  3. The only Czech band as far as I know here is Martin Kratochvil & Jazz Q. I am not too much into that stuff but I guess there's plenty of their vinyls or cd's on the market here in the Czech Republic, let me know I can get some for you.

    Thanks for your blog it's is full of beautiful music to explore, keep it up!


  4. Thanks for sharing this compilation...a nice spread of world music...excellent.

  5. Very nice stuff, cheers!