Thursday, March 22, 2007

Aavikko - Back From The Futer

Not sure what it is about Scandinavia, but they got a disproportionate number of great bands. Maybe they have nothing better to do during those six-month-long polar nights but sit around and jam. BTW, I am not talking about the ridiculous church-burning bandmember-killing who's-the-truest-satanist-competing brainless black metal hairy fucks from Burzum or whatever, I am talking real music. My favorite band of 2006, Kaiser's Orchestra, are Norwegians. But in the little Finland, there are funkateers the Soul Investigators (I wrote of them earlier), there are surfers Laika and the Cosmonauts, the folk-punkers Elakelaiset, there are the genre-defying Kimmo Pohjonen, Alamaailman Vasarat, Apocalyptica, and the completely undescribable Aavikko.

Aavikko is one of those bands made to excercise the vocabulary of the music critics: they've been called any conceivable combination of labels and then some. "Electro-surf", "casio exotica", "hoarse garage lounge", "retro-futurist synth rock", "cinematic Finnish casiocore", "the casio madness is propelled with pseudo disco syncopations and hyper-active breakbeats, while second hand synths weave surprisingly lush noir soundscapes, equal parts moody cocktaily jazz, propulsive spy thriller soundtrack muzak, spastic mechanical sounding krautrock and pretty much every musical stop in between." The band itself talked about their first release as ranging from "surf-house to maniacal monkey-jazz, from delicate faux-lounge moments to grating avantgarde screech, from ethnic rhythms to quasi-disco boogie blast."

I know this is a lot of nonsense and not enough information, so here's my pedestrian explanation of what they are like: a live drummer and two keyboardists armed with vintage cheap synths play a very intense melodic electronic rock with a dirty lo-fi sound. Grab it, it's good!

200VBR, 58 mb
1. Back From The Futer
2. Rosinante
3. Homo Futurus
4. Una Lira Soluzione
5. Erotica
6. Wot Wot NeoZulu
7. Futer City
8. P-Piste
9. Salamapallo
10. Capitano Argento
11. Diamond Pyramid


  1. just downloading this... heard some samples of these guys on aquarius records site... looking forward to hearing the whole album

    nice one!



  2. this album is great.. gonna have to track down all their stuff now! thanks for the share!


  3. completely hooked on these fellows, cannot thank you enough. excellent excellent job on your site. take care

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