Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Irma Thomas Collection: Sweet Soul Queen Of New Orleans

Here's one I am listening to a lot lately. Irma Thomas is still active, playing concerts and recently winning a Grammy in the blues nomination, but this one is a compilation of her tracks from the 60s. The special 60s sound is probably what makes them so appealing to me. These cuts were recorded when the earlier styles just started coming together - you can hear jazz and jump blues, Spector-ish girl pop (check out the backing vocals and handclaps on Break-A-Way), straightforward soul/gospel, early rock... The first time I put it on, I thought this was something that the very early Rolling Stones might have dug - and then, sure enough, it turns out Time Is On My Side is not a Stones original, as I sorta assumed all these years, but an Irma Thomas cover.
Best tracks: Cry On, While The City Sleeps, It's Raining, and my favorite, Break-A-Way.

The Irma Thomas Collection: Sweet Soul Queen Of New Orleans
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01. Cry On
02. I Done Got Over It
03. It's Raining
04. Hittin' On Nothing
05. Ruler Of My Heart
06. Wish Someone Would Care
07. Break-A-Way
08. I Need Your Love So Bad
09. While The City Sleeps
10. Time Is On My Side
11. Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)
12. Moments To Remember
13. Straight From The Heart
14. Take A Look
15. It's A Man's Woman's World (Pt. 1)
16. Long After The Night Is All Over
17. Times Have Changed
18. He's My Guy
19. What Are You Trying To Do
20. Nobody Wants To Hear Nobody's Troubles
21. The Hurt's All Gone
22. I'm Gonna Cry Till My Tears Run Dry
23. It's Starting To Get To Me Now


  1. Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)?

    nah, not mp3's again. Thanks for the up though anyway.

  2. uh... dude... sharing lossless is piracy, don't you know? ;)

  3. Early classics on vinyl:

  4. Yet another new copy of Irma Thomas Sings. Harder and harder to find...

  5. I like soul, but I can't say I love it.
    I don't like Irma Thomas, but I love her.
    Checked out on a whim, and jackpot! thank you x 1000 for the introduction, it's a crime this ain't in print.

  6. Thank you very much, great stuff!