Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blossom Dearie

My wife's favorite jazz singer, the ultimate chick music. I like her, too. She is also a good piano player, just like Mose Allison and King Cole, my other favorite jazz vocalists. Blossom has a fragile little girl's voice, not much by itself - but with her understated piano, a very tasteful selection of songs, and the appropriate nerdy looks, it all comes together. She creates an image of a vulnerable femme - a pose that any girl likes to strike and one that makes the guys feel very masculine.
An obligatory bit of trivia: Blossom Dearie is her real name.

Blossom Dearie - Blossom Dearie
120VBR, 40 mb
1. 'Deed I Do
2. Lover Man
3. Everything I've Got
4. Comment Allez Vous
5. More Than You Know
6. Thou Swell
7. It Might As Well Be Spring
8. Tout Doucement
9. You For Me
10. Now At Last
11. I Hear Music
12. Wait Till You See Her
13. I Won't Dance
14. A Fine Spring Morning
15. They Say It's Spring
16. Johnny One Note
17. Blossom's Blues


  1. enjoying this right now, thanks!

  2. But please try Miss Sarah Vaughn too. The greatest Jazz singer.

  3. Yes I like her too...
    Blossom is not necessarily the best, but she is different, and therefore interesting.

  4. she's awesome. JUST TODAY... I heard about her. incredible that she was below my radar so long...
    but... time to make up for some good music.
    @ J. Thyme, Oh yeah, Sarah Vaughn is not bad either and there are more that are worthwhile...
    e.g. Lizz Wright, Esther Philipps AND...Tami(ya) Lynn...

  5. thank you,i know her for the movie i'm watching,My Life Without Me