Saturday, March 10, 2007

Catapilla - Changes

An obscure, but excellent early 70s British prog. Reminds me of early Hawkwind, except these guys knew how to play and probably took baths more often. A lot of saxophone; also a female vocalist with a great operatic voice - think "Great Gig In The Sky". The compositions are long and hypnotic.

Catapilla - Changes, 1972
320 kbps, 86 mb
1. Reflections (12:06)
2. Charing Cross (6:40)
3. Thank Christ For George (12:02)
4. If Could Only Happen To Me (6:37)

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  1. Ah ah, I love the nasty bit about early Hawkwind, a bunch of dirty no-gooders indeed. But talented, God knows. Didn't know about Catapilla, sounds like a great record to these ears. Don't know where you dig up all the amazing stuff on your blog, but thanks for doing this.