Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Orchestra Baobab - Pirate's Choice + Bamba

My favorite afro-jazz band; some of my favorite music in general. I really should have put this up earlier, instead of Makeba n'stuff. Really, really good. When I grow up die and go to heaven, I want to be a guitar player in Orchestra Baobab. I think this is the way guitar should be played - simple, not flashy, but every lead is so incredibly melodic, it sticks in your head right away, and you can sing it on the second listen. The rest of the band is just as good: they generate this suspended melancholy groove that lifts you up and carries you away.

Yesterday I was picking my son up from school (fourth grade) and asked him what should I play in the car. He said: Put on something sad... something about being lonely. So I found Mouhamadou Bamba, and before playing it, I said: I can't speak Wolof, and I don't know what Bamba is, but if we imagine it means loneliness, this will be just right for you.
And a minute later, he agreed.

Orchestra Baobab - Pirate's Choice
210VBR, 140 mb
REUP 2/7/2014: depositfiles
1. Utrus Horas
2. Coumba
3. Ledi Ndieme M'Bodj
4. Werente Serigne
5. Ray M'Bele
6. Soldadi
7. Ngalam
8. Toumaranke
9. Foire Internationale
10. La Rebellion
11. Ndiaga Niaw
12. Balla Daffe

Orchestra Baobab - Bamba
192 kbps, 100 mb
REUP 2/7/2014: depositfiles
Mouhamadou Bamba
Doomou Baaye
Bon Bon I
Sou Sedhiou
Sibou Odia


  1. Nice picks & shares. Thanks. Stop by & say hello. You might see a few things you like.

  2. The OB is very much appreciated. Beautiful music.

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  4. Thank You for this excellent music!

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing with us these two wonderful albums. I was looking for Pirate's Choice online, and I finally found it in your blog. Can't wait to listen to Utru Horas, Coumba, Leidi Ndieme Mbodj, and so on.

  6. thank you very much yet again, kind sir. Pirate's Choice!

  7. Great blog man. Educational. Thank you.

  8. Gracias mil por el aporte, llevaba varios aƱos queriendolo tener pero es muy caro el cd para mi. Excelente aporte.

  9. Mouhamadou (Amadou) Bamba is a religious leader from the late 19. century in Senegal. You can find a nice info on wikipedia under Amadou Bamba! He was a nice guy. Real proof that Islam is not a backward and violent religion as we Europeans-Americans tend to think.

  10. I think that most religions have a potential to be a positive force in society or to devolve into a backward and violent ideology. In the 8th-11th cent. AD islamic countries were the keepers of Roman science and literature, while european countries were violent and backward. It seems that currently secular muslim countries like Turkey are in minority; let's hope those currents of history reverse.

  11. Fantastic music! I smile, want to cry, scream and laugh at the same time. Thank you very much for sharing this heartful music/Dia

  12. thanks!!!

    fantastic music & blog!