Monday, March 19, 2007

Vagtazo HalottKemek (Galloping Coroners) - Jumping Out The World-Instinct/Teach Death a Lesson

Some excellent tribal punk from Hungary, Jello Biafra's proteges - this disc came out on Alternative Tentacles. We all know hungarians come from outer space: their language is unrelated to any other European language, they are the smartest people in Europe, and the most prone to suicide, and they all look different (don't they?). This record proves it again. Echoy chants from the frontman Atilla (who is rumored to be a professor of astrophysics), cavernous riffage, subterannean drums. They sing in hungarian, and they might just as well. Below is a sample lyric from the sleeve:

animal corpses are elevating in the courtyard of the Moon!
madly moving to the rhythm of the Great Game!
everything is filled with light!
i'm a giant mushroom rotating in the windshadow of the Sun!
lighting objects getting to flight rotating in space!
wheels are rolling to everywhere! the wheel-arms of the sky are
into the tents of my hair

Hungarian is probably the only language on Earth in which this would not sound ridiculous.

Vagtazo HalottKemek (Galloping Coroners) - Jumping Out The World-Instinct/Teach Death a Lesson
200VBR, 112 mb
1. Hallo, Mindenseg! - Hello, Universe!
2. Hivlak! - I'm Calling You!
3. Porbol Varat Epitek - I'm Building a Castle from the Dust
4. A Vilagoszton Kiugrasztasa - Jumping out the World--Instinct
5. Hol Vagy? - Where Are You?
6. Masfele Taj - Another Kind of Landscape
7. A Vilagoszton Beporgetese - Spinning in the World--Instinct
8. Indulok! - I'm Going to Do It!
9. Ki vele, as Istenert! - Get it Out, for God's Sake!
10. Radebredek - I Wake Up with You
11. Talruj Vilag - Open Up, World
12. Mi Tortent? - What Happened?
13. Elo Vilagegyetem - Living Universe


  1. To the music is born, live and die on the stage - it's called also: lifemusic.
    "From the most terrible to the most wonderful, from birth to the death,
    from love to break up contains everyrhing" - said Sándor Czakó in an interview
    (Magyar ifjúság, 1988)

    VHK fan page with download links and english info!

  2. my favorite vhk album is "hammering at the gates of nothingness"!

    you can have it here ,

    don't mind about the greek language, i speak nonsenses anyway!