Saturday, March 10, 2007

Koroleva Krasoty - Best Songs of the XX Century

Internet is bursting at the seams with the 60's music from all over the globe. This very blog featured Turkish and South Korean psychedelia; you are one search away from compilations of Nigerian, Mexican, Swedish, Ethiopean, Chilean, New Zealand bands doing their thing. But one big blind spot is Soviet music. The reason is simple: the collectors and compilers are usually interested in the garage/psychedelic stuff, and there was none of it in the 60's USSR. There was no underground scene to speak of. Psychoactive substances were only available in the KGB labs creating the next chemichal weapon; for the rest of the country the mind-expansion options ran between cognac and moonshine. Finally, there was a small matter of the instruments: the Soviet electric guitars were made at the military factories and were better suited for taking over Afghanistan than for playing rokenrol.
But none of this means there was no good music in Russia in the 60s, it simply took other routes. This disc collects the some of the greatest Soviet pop of the time (and a few lame ducks, as well). The music is not that different from the American radio hits of the 50s and 60s - big band crooners and divas, cheerful jazzy twists, gypsy songs and moody ballads, and all of it very melodic and catchy.
The sound is a bit crackly, sounding like a moderately worn LP rip, but it does not interfere with the music. The best tracks are #2, 8, 9, 14, 16. There is also a rather weird "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" cover called "Zachem Slova?" (No need for words) with lyrics in russian and japanese.

192 kbps, 95 mb
1. Muslim Magomaev - Koroleva Krasoty (Beauty Queen)
2. Maya Kristallinskaya - Ya Tebya Podozhdu (I'll Wait For You)
3. Vladimir Makarov - Poslednyaya Elektrichka (The Last Train)
4. Nina Brodskaya - Kak Tebya Zovut (What's Your Name?)
5. Valerii Obodzinskii - Vostochnaya Pesnya (The Oriental Song)
6. Edita Pyexa - Tak Uzh Byvaet (not sure how to translate this one... "Shit Happens"?)
7. Emil' Gorovec - Makarony (Macaroni)
8. Iosif Kobzon - A U Nas Vo Dvore (In Our Yard)
9. Tamara Miansarova - Chernyi Kot (Black Cat)
10. Vadim Mulerman - Lada
11. Kvartet Akkord - Kotenok (A Kitten)
12. Raisa Nemenova - Pomogi Mne, Buratino (Help Me, Pinocchio)
13. Zhan Tatlyan - Belyi Medvezhonok (A White Bear Cub)
14. Nani Bregvadze - Otrada (Joy)
15. Eduard Xil' - Lunnyi Kamen' (Moonstone)
16. Aida Vedischeva - Pesenka O Medvedyax (The Little Bear Song)
17. Anatolii Korolev - Lyubov I Poklonnaya Gora (Love and the Mountain)
18. Nina Pantele - Zachem Slova (No Need For Words)
19. Rashid Beibutov - O Pesnya Zvonkaya (My Song Rings Out)
20. Galina Velikanova - Bubency (Little Bells)
21. Oleg Uxnalev - I Ne To Chtoby Da, I Ne To Chtoby Net (It's Not A Yes, It's Not A No)
22. Larisa Mondrus - Sinii Len (Blue Flax)
23. Eduard Xil' - Ya Shagayu Po Moskve (I Am Walking Along In Moscow)

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